Primula Belarina® Buttercup

A perfusion of aromatic yellow double blooms for spring

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Another shiny star from the Belarina™ line, Buttercup is an especially sweet spring treat. Your shade garden could always use an extra pop of color and Buttercup is eager to deliver. Its petal-packed double blooms are a bright, sunny yellow and release a pleasant fragrance that keeps us coming back for more. It is quite compact and does well in containers which is great news for folks with a green thumb but not a lot of space to work with.This long-blooming primrose offers its buttery flowers all season and are excellent cut flowers so keep your sheers sharp and at the ready! The green foliage is lush and attractive and acts as a great counter balance to the blooms. This beautiful plant is also tough against pests and is not bothered by deer or rabbits. For best results cut back to half size after blooming to encourage re-bloom in autumn. Grow this vigorous and trouble-free primrose for yourself or give one to a friend!