Professional Quality Tools Make Gardening Tasks Easy

Can you imagine planting an entire garden completely by hand? How would you till and turn the soil? How about digging holes? You fingernail would not appreciate that kind of abuse, that’s for sure! Luckily, we live in the 21st century, and there are PLENTY of garden tools out there. There are so many to choose from, that it can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

But, you don’t have to get every single new tool you come across! We’ve made a list of essentials that every gardener–from the novice to the expert–needs in day-to-day chores.

1 - 3-piece Hand Tool Set

tool set

Why not get more tools for less money? This set includes a garden fork, a trowel, and a transplanting trowel. The garden fork is perfect for weeding and removing dead roots from your garden’s previous harvest. The hand trowel is perfect for digging smaller holes in tight spaces or containers. And the transplanting trowel will make digging holes for bulbs a breeze with a ruler right on the blade!

2 - 7-inch Shaped Secateurs


The odder the shape, the better, right? These secateurs are perfect for pruning any and all of your plants, and the odd shape is actually ergonomically designed to minimize the impact on your wrist, so you can work harder and more often in your garden without icing your hands afterwards!

3 - Short-handled Bulb Planter

bulb planter

The easiest way to plant your bulbs, you simply push this tool into the soil, and a neat plug is pulled out, leaving a perfectly sized hole for your bulb!

4 - Garden Trug


Okay, so this isn’t the kind of tool you were thinking of, but it’s still extremely useful in the garden. This basket is long and shallow, designed for holding your cut flowers. It’s also perfect for carrying all of your tools, seed packets, veggies and herbs from one site to another, so forget about all that fumbling around with this carry-all!

5 - Daisy Grubber

daisy grubber

No, that isn’t a medieval torture devise! This tool is perfectly and uniquely designed to help dig up those pesky weeds from the root! The fork grabs a taproot at the base, and the curved blade allows you to dig deep into the soil, as opposed to wide. The result is a polished and completely weed-free landscape!

6 - Pistol Grip Dipper


This tool is the ONLY way to create even, perfectly sized holes for all of your seed sowing needs!

7 - Perennial Gardener Tool Set

garden tools

To tackle all the various projects in your garden, you’ll need the most cutting edge equipment. This set has you more than covered on that front with two kinds of gardening scissors and a pair of professional pruning sheers. To sweeten the deal this kit also comes with two other universally useful items: stakes and some twine. Each handtool is sleek looking and reliable, made by gardeners for gardeners and will continue to impress even after years of tireless service. These are serious must-haves in any garden, no matter how big or small!