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Punica Pomegranate Parfianka

Punica Pomegranate 'Parfianka'

This Pomegranate tree has it all

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How would you like fresh juicy pomegranates just steps away in your own garden? With this Russian Pomegranate tree your dreams can come true. Originally imported from Dr. Gregory Levin at the Garrigala agricultural station in Turkmenistan.

'Parfianka' is a favored selection from a collection of over 1000 Pomegranate varieties. Identified with the highest praise and even named the best tasting pomegranate during multiple taste tests, this upright, vigorous variety bears fruit heavily, even at a young age. Characterized by its large red fruits that open to reveal the juicy dark red edible seeds. They are sweet with just a hint of acidity and are a perfect, healthy snack or topping for a salad. This tree is self fruitful and can be maintained at any height you wish with some summer pruning. The fruits it produces are of the highest possible quality and are great fresh or for juicing. Add this pomegranate tree to your landscape and you'll never want for fresh fruit again.