Crocus Purple Fiction

Crocus Purple Fiction

Crocus tommasinianus 'Purple Fiction'

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Purple Fiction Mix is a glorious way to begin spring in the sunny garden or fine containers, regaling you with big chalices of gleaming white, deep purple, and soft lilac! This blend of three large-flowered Crocus varieties is a ground-hugging display that often appears while the final snowfall is still melting and the rest of the garden is sound asleep. We can think of no more dramatic and pleasing way to welcome another season of garden beauty than with these carefree bulbs!

Both wide and deep, these blooms open almost flush with the ground on plants just 4 inches high and 4 to 6 inches wide. Bowl-shaped and very bright, they are pure white, royal purple, or soft lilac-lavender. The blend of all three is a perfect mix for spring beauty, complementing the first yellow and white Narcissus magnificently!

For dense coverage, plant about 9 bulbs per square foot in sunny to lightly shaded, well-drained garden soil. Crocus will naturalize where it is content, so if you choose to develop a larger planting over time, you may want to space the bulbs a bit further apart and let them develop offsets within a few seasons. Either way, they will create dazzling color in garden or container.

Wayside Gardens grows its bulbs in the rich fields of Holland, and lets them cure naturally in the Dutch fields before shipping them to your doorstep in autumn. Our bulbs are top quality, fresh, and ready to grow. Plant these Crocus bulbs about 3 inches deep, water them in, and forget! Nature does the rest, from the grass-like deep green foliage to the bright blooms of early spring. Such a carefree joy! Order yours today! Zones 4-7. Pack of 20 assorted bulbs.