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Rosa Queen Elizabeth

Rosa 'Queen Elizabeth'

Rosa hybrid 'Queen Elizabeth'

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Like its namesake, the Queen Elizabeth Rose has demonstrated great endurance and a fuss-free, pleasing habit that needs little attention to grow and bloom faithfully for many seasons. This 1955 All-America Selections Winner is one of the very few roses to grow more popular and respected over time!

Recognized as a grandiflora in the US (the British do not use this category, calling it a floribunda instead), Queen Elizabeth is exceptionally cold-hardy, with a tall, strong habit and superior resistance to disease. The foliage tells the story: it is quite large, leathery, dark green, and glossy -- keeping the growth strong and lush all season! Queen Elizabeth can reach 5 to 10 feet high but just 3 feet wide, creating almost a columnar look that works well in tight spaces or as an elegant hedge.

But the real glory is, of course, the flowers. Soft pink, they open from pointed buds to high-centered, nearly cupped form. Boasting 38 to 40 petals each, they are perfectly symmetrical and of Exhibition quality. The fragrance is moderate, sweet and old-fashioned. Such a pure pleasure!

The flowers arise in flushes all season, with the first and heaviest coming as spring turns to summer. Queen Elizabeth comes by its fine looks and superior performance honestly: it is bred from R. Charlotte Armstrong x Floradora. You will find it hardy through zone 5 in the north!

Plant this rose in full sun and well-drained soil, pruning it in late winter or early spring for more branches and blooms. Zones 5-9.