Reasons to Buy from Wayside

A Tradition of Distinction and Legendary Quality
For almost 100 years, Wayside's horticulturists have been traveling the world in search of new and unusual plant cultivars! We are proud to be the most respected mail-order nursery in the US--legendary for the quality of our plants and bulbs and the excellence of our varieties.

Wayside Gardens founder J. J. Grullemans, one of his growers, and his son Winslow inspect plants in a Wayside greenhouse during the 50's.

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Unparalleled Selection
We proudly offer an unparalleled selection of high-quality and rare perennial plants, bulbs, trees, shrubs, roses, vines, and indoor plants.

We offer a broad selection that includes only the most exotic, high-quality cultivars.

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Well Established Root Systems in Large Containers
We ship all of our plants at the proper time for planting and with well-established root systems, ensuring that they are ready to grow vigorously in your garden.

The root system of a Wayside plant.

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Superlative Service
All our products are backed by the Wayside Gardens 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Email and our Customer Service department will make sure that you are satisfied.

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Have Questions? We Have the Gardening Solutions!
Whether it's drought, excessive heat, diseased plants, destructive deer, limited space, or a lack of privacy due to close neighbors, we have solutions for you.

You can always take a look at the gardening tips and discussions taking place at:

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Knowledgeable Experts
Did we mention that we have been in business for almost 100 years? Our trained horticulturists are on-call to offer you any help or advice you need on how to care for your plants. These professionals are dedicated to making sure you choose the right plants and give them the right care so that your garden can grow into something truly exceptional.

Our team of hortucultural experts provide gardening tips that assure top-quality performace of our plants.

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High Quality –Tremendous Value
Because our plants are extremely reliable and vigorous, we offer greater value for your money than any other nursery.

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We love Plants and pack with Care

All Wayside plants are carefully package to ensure a safe arrival.

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We Want Your Business
We are honored to be your first choice in horticulture and eager to serve all of your gardening needs.

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See what our customers are saying...
Our scrolling testimonials come from real customers, and we update them frequently as they keep coming in.

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