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Recycle a Wine Bottle Watering  Stake

Recycle a Wine Bottle Watering Stake

7-inch Terracotta Stake
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Who knew recycling could be so elegant? This easy to use tool gives new purpose to your old wine bottles creating a clever and eco-friendly solution to your irrigation issues. Using the water-filled wine bottle as a reservoir, this single terracotta spike slowly delivers moisture directly to root systems of your plants so that they stay lush and healthy from day to day. No need to hire a house sitter to come water your plants while you're on vacation - the Recycled a Wine Bottle Stake has you covered! It can efficiently water your plants for 7-10 day straight (depending on environmental factors). We recommend using a lighter colored wine bottle for your stake so that its easier to tell the water level. Moisten and loosen the soil around area that you want the stake to go. Then carefully insert the stake and wine bottle, taking care that it is upright and not leaning on the plant or out of the planter.