Red Flesh Mountain Rose™ Apple

Red Flesh Mountain Rose™ Apple

Malus domestica Mountain Rose™

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Cut into this apple and instead of the usual white flesh, you will see blushes of pink and red! Moutnain Rose™ is a dwarf tree with huge yields (up to 50 pounds after just a few years' growth!) of delicious crunchy, tart-sweet fruit. It also offers abundant pink blooms in spring, adding another season of beauty to its display. We consider this small tree an absolute must-have, so order early.

Just 8 to 12 feet high and wide at maturity, this Oregon-bred tree begins fruiting just two or three seasons after you plant it. The harvest is late -- middle of fall -- but very heavy, and these apples store well. If you like to make applesauce, pies, butter, and other treats, you will have plenty of raw material to work with from Mountain Rose™!

Plant this naturally dwarf (rootstock M-26) apple within a few yards of any other apple variety to stimulate flowering and fruiting in both trees. Give it full sun in cool climates, a bit of shade in warmer. Low maintenance and fuss-free, Mountain Rose™ is gorgeous in any setting!