Red Jade™ Red Currant

Red Jade™ Red Currant

Ribes rubrum Red Jade™

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Currants are seldom available in the United States, yet they are an easy and rewarding crop for cool climates. The fruit -- plump, juicy, and tart-sweet -- begins the first or second year after planting, and continues for two decades or more.

Big tart-sweet berries of bright red arise on vigorous multi-stemmed shrubs in midsummer. You can count on 10 to 20 pounds a season from mature shrubs! This plant needs good soil drainage and is one of the few fruits or berries to appreciate cooler, moist conditions with a bit of shade. Expect it to reach 3 to 5 feet high and wide within just a season or two, and prune it back in late winter to keep production levels high.

Currants are very cold hardy, and untroubled by pests and diseases. They offer tiny yellow blooms in spring and handsome maple-shaped leaves. You need only one for fruiting, but once you try Red Jade,™ you may have to invest in a whole row! Zones 3-8.