Red Ribbons® Groundcover Rose

Red Ribbons® Groundcover Rose

Rosa 'KORtemma' PP#9,115

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The superb hardiness and quick spread character of Red Ribbons® Groundcover Rose makes it a fabulously brilliant red carpet for your sunny garden. Unabashed about repeating itself all season, this eye-catching cluster of crimson is a joy whether you want solitary splendor or a cover-up for taller roses. Reaching 2 ¼ feet tall and four feet wide, the dark green foliage surrounding these beauties looks fantastic with or without blooms.

For over 25 years, Red Ribbons® Groundcover Rose gets attention for its spirited color and disease resistant presence. Although it does not carry much of a scent, these double blooms that open from pointed ovoid buds has a noticeable impact across your garden. They make their debut in early summer in most climates and continue intermittent appearances through late summer months.

These roses are extremely tough and vigorous against most pests and diseases. Its tolerance for heat, humidity, cold and drought only add to the benefits of including them in your flower display. Let them spill over sides of containers or spread throughout borders and beds. Either way, you will have an undeniably attractive garden all summer long.