Red Spider Lily

Red Spider Lily

Lycoris radiata


Lycoris radiata is one of the best sources of effortless late-season color for the garden. These blooms resemble none other, and whether you cut them for the vase or let them remain on the plant to bring butterflies into the border, they are showstopping!

We offer only top-quality bulbs, each of which will set about 4 flowering stems when mature. Each of these flowering stems, in turn, offers up to 6 blooms. That's nearly two dozen spectacular, long-lasting blooms every year from a single bulb!

Expect Spider Lily to reach 12 to 16 inches high, with tall, sturdy stems that never need support. The foliage is long and strap-like, arising in autumn when the blooms are passing and remaining through next spring. Summer is the dormant season of this bulb, so water it only lightly during this time. That's about it for maintenance -- these bulbs like to stay in place, so you don't even have to worry about dividing them! They will just increase in number and beauty over time.

With lovely, plentiful blooms, Lycoris thrives in sunny to partly shaded spots with good drainage -- just plant and forget! Zones 7-10.