Red Tomato Automator Tray - Set of 3

Red Tomato Automator Tray - Set of 3

Pack of 3
Item # 96633-PK-3
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Grow bigger, healthier tomatoes the easy way with this Automator Tray. This multi-purpose garden innovation releases water and fertilizer slowly to your tomato, all while blocking weeds and reflecting the far-spectrum red light that encourages tomatoes to grow and fruit faster.

Simply place this tray around your young tomato plant and push the 4 corner stakes into the earth. Then fill the hollow cones with slow-release fertilizer and water your plant. You can water directly through the central hole or add up to a half gallon of water to the tray and let it slowly drip through as needed. Not only does this tray cut down on your gardening chores, but it also encourages health and vigor by providing insulation from cold nights, by blocking out soil-borne pests, and by bathing the foliage in stimulating red light.