Parthenocissus Red Wall™

Parthenocissus Red Wall™

Parthenocissus quinquefolia Red Wall™ PPAF

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PPAF. Cultivar: 'Troki'.

If you have an expansive wall or fence that's looking ratty and bringing down the appeal of your landscape, you should consider planting Red Wall Virginia Creeper. This fast-growing creeper quickly and rapidly turns any straggling fence or wall into a gorgeous work of art. This native vine is covered with attractive, dark green leaves in the early spring all the way into the summer. In fall, the creeper is covered with eye-catching blue berries. Additionally, this creeper produces snow-white blooms every spring. The blossoms are not, however, as attractive as the foliage.

The Red Wall Virginia Creeper is been designated the status of Proven Winner, ensuring that this isn't just one of those fads being promoted by a money-hungry gardener.

This shrub grows to a height of 20 to 30 feet and is approximately seven feet wide. The Virginia Creeper is adaptable to practically all well-drained soil and tolerates high levels of salt. Be sure to plant this shrub in full to partial shade. Exercise caution when planting near your house, as the plant cannot be transplanted.