Repels All Pest Repellent

Repels All Pest Repellent

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All-natural Repels All keeps vermin out of your garden and away from your plants in three ways: sense of touch, taste and smell. It protects for up to 2 months with each application. Harmless and safe for children, it may be used around edibles, too!

Repels All comes from Bonide, a trusted name in garden products, and is composed of natural ingredients from dried blood to garlic. It is available as a spray, so you can drench the foliage, fruit, and other parts of your plants to discourage nibbling animals. This repellent contains the scent, flavor, and texture that animals fear, and they will leave the area once they identify it as a "danger."

Yet the wonderful thing about Repels All is that it's not dangerous at all. Completely harmless to children, pets, wild creatures, and the environment, it's a great alternative to harsh chemicals and artificial elements that can get into the groundwater or remain in your garden long past their usefulness. There is nothing unsafe about this natural spray!

To use Repels All, soak the affected plants thoroughly with the spray. It will be rain-fast after 6 hours; if it gets wet before then, you should reapply. And though it will last 60 days on average, feel free to reapply sooner if you have troublesome areas or if your climate gets heavy rainfall.

You will love Repels All in your vegetable patch, annual beds, perennial borders, and even on container plants. There's no better or safer way to keep wild animals from feasting on your garden! 32-oz.