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Rhododendron Dark Lord

Rhododendron 'Dark Lord'

This Beguiling Burgundy Rhodie Simply Astounds!

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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This evergreen shrub is a dark twist on an old favorite. Dark Lord sports an abundance of deep scarlet blooms in late spring which feature white anthers that create profound beauty through the contrast. Its leaves are also a pleasingly deep shade of green that adds further distinction to the display. If you're looking to impress your garden buddies choose Dark Lord for its dynamic, year long appeal.

Dark Lord thrives in partial shade and does well in normal, moist yet well drained soil. It will bloom beautifully from the late spring through the beginning of summer. Expect it to reach a height of between 4 and 5ft. Bees are common visitors to this shrub so it makes a great addition to pollinator friendly gardens. Add this shrub to your garden for a pop of color and visual interest.

Hardy to Zones 5-7