Rhododendron PERFECTO MUNDO® Double White Azalea

Blooms on Old Wood in Spring and New Wood in Summer

Item # 27870
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A reblooming Azalea, Double White blooms not for mere weeks but for months. Rhododendron PERFECTO MUNDO® Double White Azalea blooms on old wood in spring, and later, after a brief rest, it blooms on new wood in midsummer, continuing until frost. A light pruning after the spring bloom will encourage new growth and new blooms. The large double flowers, so bright and beautiful, are papery and pure white—pretty perfect.

Award-winning plant breeder Dr. Tom Ranney of NCSU created this revolutionary series. Evergreen azaleas with a neat, rounded habit and lacebug resistance that bloom in spring, late summer, and right into fall—what more could you want?

Uses: Borders, Edging, Landscapes, Mass Plantings, Foundations, Hedges, Specimens, Containers