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Rhus Gro-Low Sumac

Rhus 'Gro-Low' Sumac

Fall foliage changes you'll love!

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Rhus aromatica, commonly called fragrant sumac, is a shrub that often occurs in open woods, glades, and thickets. It's dense and low growing which spreads to form thickets. The green leaves turn attractive shades of orange, red, and purple during the fall and the leaves are aromatic (hence the name). Small, charming yellow flowers bloom in early spring and often give way to small clusters of red berries which can persist into the winter. The fruits is attractive to all sorts of wildlife but especially birds! It's perfect for hard to cover areas with poor soil because it's hardy and spreading. Plant it in a native garden or use it as an informal hedge. You'll love the yellow blooms, fall changing foliage, and delightful berries!