Lilium Roselily® Elena

Lilium Roselily® Elena

Incredibly Full Rose-Like Blooms

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Lovely fragrance with no pollen. Lush petal-packed blooms with no flopping. Long-lasting, cutflower-perfect blooms on a somehow easier-to-grow plant. Elena® has it all!

The Roselilies® were named for their plush fully double (more like triple) blooms that resemble roses, and thanks to its rich pink tones, Elena® is the most Rose-like of them all!If you have been to the Chelsea Flower Show since 2013, you will probably recognize the incredibly lush and rosy blooms of the Roselily® series! Zabo Plant has been proud to show off their latest cultivars, all of which have a delightful, subtle fragrance (yet pollen free) and prefer an Ericaceous (Acidic) soil. This breakthrough series is beloved by florists because each bloom can boast 20 or more petals (That's 14 more than single varieties!) and can last 20 days or more in the vase!

Elena® is a 2nd-generation Roselily®. These new cultivars improve on their predecessors (Belonica® and Fabiola®) with new colors and a more upward-facing bloom habit. And because they are pollen free, even those with allergies can lean in to have a sniff at their lovely, subtle fragrance.

This Oriental Lily was named for a tributary of the Amazon River, and it does offer a tropical appeal that's hard to beat. A superb cutflower, it also holds well in the garden. This plant will increase in size, bud count, and bloom width with each passing year, so prepare to stake it as it grows ever taller and more magnificent! Always a standout among the Asiatic lilies!

Plant Oriental Lily bulbs at least 3 inches deep. Site it in rich soil on the acidic side in a spot that gets full sun or a bit of shade (preferring more shade in the warmest zones). With average water needs, Oriental Lily bulbs prefer moist but well-drained soils. Zones 3 to 10.