Cutting Roses

Grow cutting roses for beautiful floral bouquets and yard displays

Roses delight in your landscape, but they really shine as cut flowers in a vase. Looking for the best varieties for cutting roses? Choose roses with strong stems that hold rose blooms upright. Modern garden roses offer larger and more repeat blooms that last longer in your vase.

Cutting roses are a must-have if you like to arrange bouquets for your home and for gifts. A floral bouquet without roses? No way. Displayed in a tight display of blooms, either exclusively of roses or as a complement to other colorful, fragrant flowers, roses are a show-stopping favorite.

Roses are classic, chic, and versatile in a vase and your garden. Some rose varieties are specially grown for unique purposes: cutting, climbing, shrub, dwarf, tree. And because they are so versatile, you can plant, nurture, and grow an impressive variety in any USDA Growing Zone.