Set plants 18 inches apart in full sun. Light, well-drained soil is essential.


Do not let soil dry out when plants are establishing them selves; once established they are quite drought tolerant. Prune as necessary after flowering to enhance appearance and encourage bushy growth. May be potted and brought in for the winter in the North; otherwise provide a winter mulch.


Zone 7-10

Indoor Culture:

Select a sunny window, preferably a southern exposure. Be sure that it is not exposed to drafts, and that a heat vent does not blow directly on it. Allow the soil surface to dry between waterings; do not mist the foliage. Fertilize from spring until fall with a houseplant fertilizer, according to instructions. Replant into the next larger size pot after about six months. During frostfree months, it may be taken outside to bright areas that receive indirect sunlight.

Indoor Zones:

Zone 7-11