Labor Day Weekend Sale

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Over 200 Plants up to 40% Off!

Wayside Gardens is known for offering top-rated unique plants and shrubs that serious gardeners often covet. By reserving now, customers have the opportunity to secure your favorites before they sell out. Waiting might result in limited availability or missing out altogether.

With savings of up to 40% off on over 200 plants, this weekend presents a fantastic opportunity to invest in your garden at a fraction of the cost. Buying during the labor day sale allows customers to get more plants for their budget, making it an economical choice for avid gardeners.

Fall is an ideal time to plant many types of perennials and shrubs. By purchasing now and planting in the fall, customers can ensure their gardens are well-established and ready to burst into vibrant bloom come spring. This advance planning not only guarantees a stunning garden but also reduces the rush and stress associated with last-minute spring planting.

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