Sambucus Black Lace®

Sambucus Black Lace®

Sambucus nigra 'Eva' PP#15,575.

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Plant Patent #15,575. Cultivar: 'Eva.'

Love Japanese maples but live too far north to grow them? Let Black Lace™ be the gorgeous substitute! With its deeply cut leaves of charcoal, PLUS 6-inch clusters of blooms and vibrant autumn berries, this ever-changing beauty is the showpiece of any hedge, border, foundation, or specimen planting!

The foliage is so divided that it has a ferny, lacy look. It emerges rich black and keeps its color right through summer's heat, playing backdrop in early summer to masses of deep pink buds that open to bright, creamy pink blooms. The flowers are held in clusters about 6 inches wide -- very showy indeed against the charcoal foliage!

The early-summer flowers are followed by blackish-red berries that stand out beautifully against the leaves as summer turns to fall. The berries attract songbirds to this shrub, adding even more color to the garden! You can't beat Black Lace™ for ever-changing beauty!

This remarkable breeding breakthrough is the result of 10 years' breeding work, and has already created a sensation in Western Europe, where it is "the" shrub to grow these days! Black Lace™ gives you all the beauty of a Japanese maple, yet is hardy through zone 4 in the north. It withstands cold winds, very low temperatures, and even partial shade without losing a bit of its appeal.

Black Lace™ would make a perfect hedge, foundation planting, border standout, or specimen. It reaches 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide, a good size for a variety of landscape uses. Design a garden display around its black leaves and early summer flowers, and it may become a favorite in YOUR landscape! Zones 4 to 7.

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Survives Tough Winters - Looks Beautiful
LoriMinnesota from MN wrote on June 30, 2019:

After experiencing one of the coldest winters...30 below temps, not wind chill, actual temps for a week, I did not think my this black lace elderberry would make it, as I did not get it planted until late summer. Imagine my surprise when it came up with a lot of new growth and is now flourishing with wild abandon and a poorly protected area in my back garden. This is one tough little cookie, and so beautiful! Looks gorgeous along the back side of my white house! LOVE THIS PLANT!

Exactly what I am looking for
Rebecca from AR wrote on January 07, 2017:

I hope mine gets taller than the 6ft predicted I have smelled the elderberry flowers before and I love the smell I am planting them at the far edge of my property for privacy, I hope the smell is strong enough that I will be able to smell it across the yard. The previous review makes me very I hopeful.

Give it a lot of room
Chris from NY wrote on April 27, 2015:

The first couple years were fine, but it took off, and grew quite large. The description says 6', but it was more like 8 or 9'. I trimmed it back, and that was a mistake. From each trimmed branch many more emerged. They were quite weak, but grew like weeds. At least once a year I had to prune it quite hard. Furthermore, it had an odd scent, which I found disagreeable. After about 8 years I finally dug it out. If I had put it further out in the yard, just let it grow, and didn't have to smell it, I would have liked it. It's not unattractive - I like the dark leaves for a little contrast in the garden. The flowers and berries are a little exotic looking.