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San Francisco Begonia

San Francisco Begonia

Begonia boliviensis 'San Francisco Hybrid'

Begonia lovers, rejoice! This long-blooming, heat tolerant trailing variety is a must have this season! San Francisco is noted for its salmon blooms that are long and slender, just like the winding streets of the famous city. These elegant blooms open up to 5 inches and drop down in a waterfall-like form, making them an absolute perfect choice for hanging baskets. Though they are heat tolerant, they do prefer afternoon shade.

When your plants arrive, remove all the packaging material and set them outdoors, in a shaded location protected from strong winds. Give them a long drink of water, and let them rest for a day or two. They are now ready to transplant wherever you want them to grow!

You will love how tireless a bloomer San Francisco really is -- not to mention its new color! Give this trailing begonia a try in baskets and tall planters this season!

Each pot contains 1 plant. Contains three 4-inch Pots