Acer palmatum 'Sango Kaku'

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Acer palmatum 'Sango Kaku' - Coral Bark Maple. Also known as a Sen kaki, the famous Coral Bark Maple displays a sensational coral tone on its twigs in winter, making a fabulous display in an otherwise subdued landscape.

The coral red contrasts beautifully against snow, sky, or grass. Delicate foliage is light green during the growing season, brightly yellow in autumn. Growing to 10 feet, this is a rare horticultural gem that will add distinction to any property!

Especially choice shrubs or small trees, Japanese Maples are magnificent in form and foliage, delicately textured in spring and summer, and, in many cases, unequalled in fall color. Very tolerant of heat and humidity, they add year-round interest to the garden. Their beauty increases with age, making them a lifetime investment in the landscape.

Park is pleased to offer these choice Japanese Maples; most (like 'Sango Kaku') are quite rare in this country, yet all are proven for superb performance in American gardens. To avoid seeding variation, we offer only asexually-reproduced selections.

Spur pruning of established plants will ensure a good growth of young, highly colored twigs for winter display. Zones 5-9.