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Kalmia Sarah

Kalmia 'Sarah'

True Red Color Through and Through!

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Short and sassy, 'Sarah' is a fantastic Mountain Laurel cultivar with rich red tones like no other. The pinkish-red blooms boast distinctive white eyes, while the new buds keep developing a rich maroon color. Even the new stems and leaves come in red with the stylish 'Sarah'!

In addition to its phenomenal color, 'Sarah' is also a delight to grow! The very compact and well-branched form and increased sun tolerance make 'Sarah' happy in more garden spots than your average Kalmia. The lush, colorful foliage adds extra interest to the shrub all season long. No wonder Dr. Jaynes (this cultivar's breeder) named this lovely shrub after his wife!

Just plant this easy-going cultivar in moist, well-drained soil. It prefers well-aerated soil with a pH on the acidic side, but it also adapts well to less-than-ideal conditions. Zones 4-8.