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Rosa Savannah Sunbelt®

Rosa Savannah Sunbelt®

Outrageously Fragrant | Award-Winning

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Feast your eyes and nose on this scrumptious hybrid tea whose double blooms are so rich with petals and fragrance it's almost unreal. Savannah™ Sunbelt® boasts silky petals that go from powder pink to deep salmon. Their large flowerheads rest against a handsome backdrop of glossy dark green foliage that hold its tidy and shapely form quite well. Punishing heat and high humidity do nothing to diminish the extravagant beauty. Not even diseases like Black Spot and Powdery Mildew dare challenge this sweetest of roses.

A multi-award winner, Savannah Sunbelt® was selected as Overall Best Rose, Best Hybrid Tea, and Most Fragrant Rose at the 2015 Biltmore Rose Trails in Ashville NC. Lauded for its compact habit, glossy leaves, great fragrance, and unbeatable summer performance, Savannah™ simply blew the judges away. Be one of the first to own this breakthrough, available to the general public for the first time in 2016. This is truly a flower to write home about.