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Scabiosa Flutter™ Pure White

Scabiosa Flutter™ Pure White

Scabiosa columbaria 'Balflutturite' PPAF

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Commonly known as the Pincushion Flower, this flower has a compact habit and short medium green flower stems. A beautiful white color lights up the perennial garden with a tidy touch. These hardy plants have long flowering times and will last from the first signs of spring until the first chill of winter, and the blooms might even last all year in mild winter climates. These easy to care for plants do best in full sun and are also very disease resistant! Tiny flowers pinched together in the middle and fluffy petals on the outside create a beautiful blooms that work well in beds, borders, and even containers and baskets! These white fluffy blooms are the perfect touch to both containers and the landscape and will make your garden enviable! It is sure to attract compliments and attention for seasons to come!