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Schzachyrium Smoke Signal

Schzachyrium 'Smoke Signal'

Schzachyrium scoparium 'Smoke Signal'

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Do you need a grass that puts on a bold color show and a beautifully refined habit? Look no further than Schzachyrium 'Smoke Signal'! The blue green foliage begins to take on red tones in late summer and turns an even deeper red purple through the fall. Tiny, tan seed heads appear in the early fall on the top half of the stems providing even more interesting texture. Unlike other cultivars, this grass maintains its strictly upright habit all fall long. Because this grass is incredibly drought tolerant and controls erosion this is the perfect choice if your are looking to restore an eroded site, or for a plant that will grow in hot dry garden spots where other plants have struggled.

This grass is perfect in a border or meadow setting. It needs full sun and is tolerant of heat and humidity. Schizachyrium can grow in either acidic or alkaline soils, and can tolerate a range of moisture conditions including average to extremely dry. It's a good idea to cut this grass back to ground level in late fall in order to have a sturdier plant the next season.

Wherever you plant it you'll love the color changing foliage, interesting texture, and hardy nature of 'Smoke Signal'.