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Iris Sea Power

Iris 'Sea Power'

Iris germanica 'Sea Power'

Rich blue blooms, sweet scented and long-lasting, add indescribably beautiful color to garden and vase. This Tall Bearded Iris is destined to become a classic variety, sporting elegantly ruffled petals, strong fragrance, and terrific holding power.

Introduced by Keith Keppel in 1999, 'Sea Power' has already earned multiple honors and awards, including teh Wister and the Dykes Medals. And no wonder -- its parents are the splendid 'Yaquina Blue' x 'Jazz Me Blue.' Breeding will out, and this Tall Bearded shows us the best of its heritage!

Depending on how far north you live, 'Sea Power' will bloom in late spring or early summer. It is a sun-lover, tolerating dappled or partial shade only in the deep south and southwest. Drought tolerant, untroubled by nibbling animals, and quite low maintenane, it thrives for many years, asking only to be divided every few seasons to keep up its bloomability (and to enable you to increase your Iris garden beauty!).

makes a good garden companion to Hemerocallis in the sunny border, and is a magnificent cut-flower for the vase. Enjoy the majesty of 'Sea Power' for many years to come! Zones 3-8.