Sedum Atlantis™

Exciting Development for Rock Gardens!

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Like its mythical namesake suggests, the allure of the Atlantis™ sedum is truly legendary! Its shocking foliage forms rosettes of serrated leaves which are green with thick, creamy chartreuse margins. But wait, the bi-color beauty becomes a tri-color triumph in late fall when the colder temperatures add a pink blush to the edges. This low growing, drought-tolerant succulent is ideal for adding excitement to rock gardens and waterwise landscapes as it spreads to form a dense mat of foliage to cover up slopes and troubled spots in the terrain. Like most of its kind, this sedum is carefree and nearly unkillable. Rabbits don't bother it and its yellow summer blooms attract pollinators like butterflies. Plant it in full sun in a bed, border, or container to watch it flourish. Atlantis™ is one multi-talented star and it can't wait to add some vibrant fun to your landscape!