Sempervivum SUPERSEMP™ 'Rose Quartz'

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Almost as tough as its namesake, Rose Quartz, a mat-forming succulent perennial, is hardy to Zone 3 and can tolerate even the driest conditions, and still retain its rich color. The color phases from green to burgundy with age, with the deepest burgundy color appearing in midsummer when planted in full sun. The extra large rosette quickly spreads, producing clusters of rosettes, each growing up to 8" x 8". The plant is slow to flower but will shoot up short, fleshy stems with clusters of star-shaped pink flowers.

Since these hens and chicks prefer well-drained, dry soil, they are popular plants in rock gardens and xeriscapes, which are used in arid regions and require little to no irrigation or other maintenance. They are best planted in groups and make a stunning border front or small area ground cover. But their geometric shapes and all-season color are desirable for any landscape or container.