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Sempervivum SUPERSEMP™ 'Ruby'

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Like its namesake, this mat-forming succulent perennial is a gem. The extra large rosette quickly spreads, producing clusters of rosettes, each growing up to 8" x 8". Ruby keeps its vibrant red color year-round, summer and winter, even in the driest of conditions, but it will have the best color when planted in full sun. Although slow to flower, it shoots up short, fleshy stems with clusters of star-shaped pink flowers.

Hens and chicks' geometric shapes and all-season color are desirable for any landscape or container, and they have a multitude of uses. Best planted in groups, they make ideal edging plants and groundcovers but also look great planted in rock crevices and the cracks of a stone wall, or even in a wreath. But their preference for well-drained, dry soil and tolerance of drought conditions makes them especially useful in xeriscapes, which require little to no irrigation or other maintenance, popular in arid regions.

Hardy to Zone 3