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Salvia Sensation® Sky Blue

Salvia Sensation® 'Sky Blue'

Salvia nemorosa 'Sky Blue' PPAF

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Whether you're decorating a border, filling a container, or covering some unsightly ground, Salvia nemorosa Sensation® Sky Blue is destined to become the star of your garden. It grows quickly and vigorously, producing tight, gray-green rosettes of foliage that resist pests and disease. These rosettes are followed by long bloomspikes thickly lined with lilac buds. Then brilliant blue blossoms unfurl, starting from the bottom of the spike to create a captivating two-tone effect. Deadheading ensures that Sky Blue will keep flowering all summer long, and good branching ensures continuous production of bloomspikes. This dense shrub tolerates a wide range of climates, from an impressive -30 degrees Fahrenheit to humid southern summers. It doesn't mind dry soil or uneven terrain, and butterflies are sure to love it! Zones 4-9. 6 pack includes 6 3½" pots