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Iris Shakers Prayer

Iris 'Shaker's Prayer'

Iris sibirica Shaker's Prayer

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One of the most intriguing irises we have ever seen, 'Shaker's Prayer' combines an exotic color scheme with very prominent veining for a truly one-of-a-kind look! Add the trouble-free culture that Iris is known for and the tall, graceful stalks that Siberian Iris is known for, and you get one of the best all-around perennials any gardener could ask for!

The dark, cobalt blue standards feature subtle veining, leading down to pure violet style arms. Beneath this, the golden hafts start red at the throat and fade to creamy white on the falls, all overlaid with a striking lavender veining that stands out in stark contrast. This elegant look arrives in July and graces the garden for up to two months, fascinating all who pass by your midsummer garden! Even when the plant is not in bloom, the tall, thin, sword-shaped foliage adds a lovely vertical presence that is more elegant than short Iris species.

A standout for the Iris garden, a lovely waterside plant, and a superstar for the back of the border, 'Shaker's Prayer' belongs in every plant enthusiast's garden! Introduced in 1989 by Warner, this gorgeous cultivar has had an illustrious career, winning awards like Morgan-Wood Medal (1996), and today it is still in a class of its own!

Siberian Iris is a low-maintenance perennial, content in consistently moist to damp soils. It will slowly spread through creeping rhizomes, forming increasingly dense clumps. You can divide it easily every few years into even more plants, gradually acquiring a large and thriving colony! A native of Europe, the Caucuses, and Siberia, this cold-hardy beauty has also naturalized in Virginia, California, and much of the Northeast. It thrives in damp areas beside lakes or streams, as well as wet meadows. Zones 3 to 9.

NOTE: Parts of Iris plants are poisonous if ingested, so keep your pets and children out of them.