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Acer Shirazz

Acer 'Shirazz'

Acer palmatum 'Shirazz'

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Enjoy lovely pink-to-crimson tones all season long with this Japanese Maple breakthrough. The brilliant variegated foliage makes Shirazz a must-have for any partly-shaded garden spot.

Emerging cherry red in spring, the fine, deeply-divided leaves display a rich color reminiscent of the Shiraz grapes used to make the finest red wines. Small crimson blooms hang from the leaves in late spring, adding a nice burst of extra texture. And by summer, the leaves have turned a dark green, but hold on to lovely pink tones along their margins.

The second season of beautiful color arrives in fall. The foliage turns a brilliant scarlet and remains for several weeks, before dropping into a crimson puddle at the foot of the tree. Magnificent!

Slow-growing but long-lived, Shirazz ultimately reaches a mature size of 15 feet high and wide: quite large for an Acer, but still compact enough to grow below power lines or larger shade trees, not to mention as an accent in smaller garden spaces.

Japanese Maples are magnificent in form and foliage. Delicately textured in spring and summer, and, in many cases, unequalled in fall color, they delight for decades in almost any setting. Very tolerant of heat and humidity, they add year-round interest to the garden. Their beauty increases with age, making them a lifetime investment in the landscape.

Try to avoid hot, dry sites, and protect it from strong winds. Mulching is also suggested, as it helps the soil retain moisture and keeps the roots cool. Keep pruning to a minimum, and any that must be done should be done in late fall to mid-winter to prevent sap from "bleeding." Zones 5 to 8.