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Helleborus Winter Thriller™ Showtime Ruffles

Helleborus Winter Thriller™ 'Showtime Ruffles'

Helleborus hybrid 'Showtime Ruffles'

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You won't believe how many petals are packed into each one of these marvelous blooms! The pink-mauve tone is so unique, and it's overlayed with deep maroon speckles that creates an intense display! Each petal is tear-dropped shaped with ruffles that create tons of dimension for your borders or containers!

Helleborus loves shade so add it to the dark corners of your landscape to add some rich color.

This shade lover enjoys normal, moist soil and tolerates a small amount of sun. Despite the beauty of these flowers, deer tend to leave them alone, so you'll get to enjoy them all spring long without worry! Plant these purple flowers along beds or in a border to pack your shady spots with ruffled petals. You will be thrilled to add 'Showtime Ruffles' to your collection, they will stop all who pass by in their tracks with their beauty.