Shrub Rake

Shrub Rake

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Made by the heritage British firm of Burgon & Ball and endorsed by the Royal Horticulture Society (Britain's largest gardening organization and charity), the shrub rake is a remarkable garden tool you will come to treasure. Composed of sustainably harvested ash wood and carbon-forged steel, it will last a lifetime and more!

You probably have not seen such a tool here in America, but we think it should be part of the garden shed for every home gardener. It fills a need that no other tool equals: reaching tight spots in and behind shrubs, roses, and dense perennials. If you have ever tried to remove debris without damaging the healthy parts of closely-spaced or densely-branched plants, you know the dilemma!

The shrub rake features angled tines that grip without slicing or crushing. Suddenly, it's easy to remove spent blooms, damaged stems, and other unnecessary things from deep within or behind any plant. And if you want to pick snails and slugs off from a distance, there is no better weapon than the shrub rake!

The rake measures 15¾ inches long> and just 5 inches across at its widest. No more huge, awkward scraping and piercing with full-sized, long-handled rakes! The shrub rake is lightweight and easy to carry around the garden, yet is so well made and durable! You will soon find yourself relying on it for a wide range of garden chores, from fluffing up mulch to deadheading, pruning, and even light weeding.

Few tools are selected for distinction by the Royal Horticulture Society, and fewer still are available here in the U.S. after receiving such honors! We feel very fortunate to be able to offer the shrub rake this season, and we recommend that you add it to the garden shed at once!