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Shrub + Tree

Get that layered garden look by planting shrubs and trees.

A professionally presented garden design can add value to your home. Trees and shrubs are the backdrop and supporting cast to achieve that expertly landscaped look. When you envision your favorite garden, chances are good that the height of the plants has variation brought about by flowers, shrubs, and trees.

What’s the difference between a shrub and a tree? According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, a shrub (synonymous with a bush) is a low, usually several-stemmed, woody plant. A tree is defined as a woody perennial plant having a single, usually elongated, main stem generally with few or no branches on its lower part.

So, while you browse Wayside Gardens’ nearly 200 varieties of shrubs and trees, keep your master garden vision in mind. Be sure to include fast-growing shrubs, flowering bushes, and dwarf and towering trees in your home garden.

Choose from shapes including mounded, free-flowing, spiny, upright, and draped. And, while shrubs and bushes can remain on the shorter end of the spectrum by nature’s design or your pruning, don’t forget about dwarf trees, fruit trees, container trees, and rose trees. And be sure to layer in a unique selection of flowering types and those with interesting foliage. You’ll likely gravitate to selections that complement your garden theme, whether that is structured or untamed.

Shop with ease and order with confidence. Our 100+ years of growing expertise, satisfaction guarantee, and expert guidance will support you in your gardening endeavors. Happy growing!

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