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Classic and Beautiful Living Architecture

Ornament your garden with long-lived shrubs.

Shrubs complete the garden and add structure to your landscape design. They are that in-between level that ensures a lush and professional looking garden, creating a transition from flowers and plants to trees and towering vines. Shrubs can lead the eye to a gardens’ next level, but they can also play an important role in your landscape design. These woody perennials have multiple stems that offer visual interest and structure, many providing privacy and wind breaks when planted in groups. On their own, they can create dramatic, eye-catching focal points. And once established, they tend to require very little care.

Shrubs are extremely versatile, producing colorful blooms and/or foliage as well as offering food and shelter for wildlife. And you'll find that many bring multi-season appeal, even throughout winter. From dozens of elegant flowering specimens with wands, cones, and masses of brightly colored blooms to evergreen varieties that spread or sit neatly in a patio container, you’ll find only the highest-quality shrubs here.

Looking for edible plants and shrubs for your backyard garden? You’ll appreciate Wayside Gardens’ wide variety of berry bushes and other edibles for sale. Shop for new varieties and Signature Series shrubs that are selected by our horticulturists for having exceptional and useful characteristics. Browse butterfly-attracting types, too. When winter arrives, we even have shrubs that display lovely colored branches, not to mention the green and blue green hues of evergreens.

Find something ideal for garden or container with these top-quality shrubs. With 100 years of plant growing success, you can trust in Wayside Gardens’ thoughtful selection of only the very best shrub varieties for low-maintenance garden beauty.

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