Signature Series Shrubs

The best shrubs for landscaping your yard

Shrubs transform the front of your house by providing privacy, year-round interest, and shade. Signature Series shrubs from Wayside Gardens offer an additional unique feature like improved flowering, repeat blooming, longer bloom time, and fragrant shrubs. With a seemingly endless variety of garden design uses and growing characteristics, bushes complete the look of your yard and landscape.

Look for the Signature Series windmill to find the shrubs our customers and horticultural experts have rated highly for their variety of forms in the garden such as foundation plantings pruned for a more formal look, ornamental designs to display your playfulness, and rambling varieties for a wild and whimsical look. Evergreen shrubs can offer constant, year-round appeal in your yard while flowering bushes give loads of visual interest in the prime growing season and may also display unique branches and attractive bark during winter for multiple seasons of interest.

Add shrubs as an extra layer of appeal and dimension in your garden. Refer to our helpful product details when shopping specific types of shrubs paying close attention to their size at maturity. Since your shrubs will be part of your landscape for years to come, it’s important to consider their size and natural growth habit for maximum appeal with minimal effort.