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Cyclamen Silver Form

Cyclamen 'Silver Form'

Cyclamen coum 'Silver Form'

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Such an improvement over older varieties, 'Silver Form' combines superior drought tolerance with a gorgeous foliage pattern and richly colored blooms held prominently on strong stems. This winter-to-spring bloomer is a boon to the shade garden as well as to containers of all types, flowering when everything else is still asleep, and needing little maintenance to continue for years.

Each heart-shaped leaf of this Winter Cyclamen is colored a rich forest green and overlaid with a pattern of pewter-silver, everywhere except the edges. This leaves a margin of velvety green around each leaf, making them stand out brilliantly on the garden floor. Just 4 inches high and 8 inches wide, this is a plant to carpet the shade border!

In late winter and earliest spring, the foliage is topped by dark burgundy stems held straight up. At the tips are magenta-purple blooms, fluttery and jewel-toned, which persist for weeks. Magnificent!

Like all Winter Cyclamen, 'Silver Form' loves rich, well-drained soil, but it is far more tolerant of drought than older varieties, making it virtually maintenance-free. Plant it fearlessly beneath deciduous trees, shrubs, and taller perennials, so that its winter show will be revealed in all its glory, or use it in the front of the border. Happiest in partial to full shade, it is a treasure in any setting. Zones 4-9.