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Agapanthus Silver Moon

Agapanthus 'Silver Moon'

Impeccable Butterfly Attracting Lily of the Nile

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The perfect addition to your cutting garden, this Lily of the Nile is a gorgeous and worry-free plant that thrives in full sun and resists both pests and disease with ease. It boasts slender cut-worthy stems topped in violet-indigo flowers that attract pollinators of all kinds including bees and butterflies. Even long after its flowers have finished its attractive fall seed heads attract birds as well. Resisting pests and disease with ease, this beautiful cutflower really is worry-free! Place this flower in a container on your patio, or use it to add some color to your landscape.

Silver Moon is hardy through zone 7 in the north, but care must be taken that it does not become too wet at the crown during winter. However, it makes a fine container plant everywhere, and is quite easy to grow. Zones 7-10.