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Rhododendron Snow Pearl

Rhododendron Snow Pearl

Rhododendron 'Snow Pearl'

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In the royalty of classic evergreen shrubbery, Azaleas still reign supreme as a beloved staple in Southern gardens. Snow Pearl was bred in Germany and won a prestigious gardening award in 2013. Snow Pearl has frilly, ivory blooms that make all other colors 'pop' all around them. They are compact, growing to be approximately 18 to 20 inches tall and can be used in borders, rock gardens, or in separate pots. Azaleas are renowned for their exotic perfume and delicate blooms. It is one of the first deciduous shrubs to bloom after winter. These lovely plants will thrive for years when planted in rich soil that is well-drained. They are low-maintenance and do not require pruning very often. It is just recommended that they keep a fresh layer of mulch every season. They thrive in Zones 6-9.
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Rose or Azalea?
RoseorAzalea from MA wrote (July 18, 2015):
I have this plant, it is absolutely gorgeous. The flowers look like a cross between a rose and azalea.The pure white flowers are beautiful against the shiny dark green leaves. For all of spring and through the middle of July, this miniature bush-like plant was always budding and full of flowers. I have no dislikes to add. The plant was a gift. But I would buy it for myself if seen and definitely recommend to a friend or anyone really.