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Clematis Snowdrift

Clematis 'Snowdrift'

The "honey and almond" scent is magnificent!

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Famed plant collector E. H. Wilson discovered the Snowdrift Clematis in China. This Asian variety grows quickly and boasts a bold, dark green foliage that is admirable even when the blossoms aren't in season. Beginning in mid-spring, tiny white flowers erupt all over the Clematis, which are very fragrant. Wilson was said to be entranced by the flowers' beauty and fragrance. Measuring up to two inches wide, these blossoms offer a stark contrast to the dark foliage. The Snowdrift makes an impressive statement, yet it is very easy to maintain.

At full growth, each plant can measure up to 25 feet high and 8 feet wide. It grows rapidly, so it is recommended to thread the tall Clematis through an open fence. The variety also looks wonderful as a wall plant or merely a frenzied beauty that spreads along the ground. Regardless, the Snowdrift needs plenty of room to thrive. Light pruning to tangled growth can be done in late winter and after blooming in spring. Zones 6-9 are recommended for this lush, hardy evergreen.