Hippeastrum Sonatini Alasca

Hippeastrum Sonatini Alasca

Hippeastrum x hybridum Sonatini® 'Alasca'

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What's this?

Finally, an Amaryllis that blooms outdoors in summer -- through zone 7 in the north! Cold-hardier, more compact, and more floriferous than the indoor forcing Amaryllis we're used to, Sonatini Alasca adds a whole new season to your Amaryllis display!

Simply plant this bulb in spring and begin enjoying big, double-flowered white blooms in early summer. They persist for weeks, thanks to substantial petal texture and a waxy consistency. Cut all you like for the vase, or leave them in the bed or border. They are certain to provoke comment (and compliments!) from your friends who have never seen an Amaryllis actually growing in the garden before -- and certainly not in summer!

Sonatini Alasca is about 12 to 18 inches high in full bloom, and nearly as wide. It sets multiple flowers -- up to 10! -- all at once, so each bulb becomes a bouquet. And if you are growing it north of its zone 7 hardiness limit, just dig up the bulb before first frost, store it in a dark, warm, dry area over winter, and set it out again next spring!