Hummer Rings

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There are few things more miraculous than a hummingbird in action. These fast and tiny pollinators are beautiful to behold but their sheer speed makes them hard to spot. Don't you wish you could get more than a fleeting glimpse of these lovely creatures? Now you can with Hummer Rings!

These rings come in bright colors which attract hummers just like real blooms. These rings work well with any kind of nectar and hold up to 10 milliliters of fluid. The rings are lightweight and made of a sturdy plastic material that is dishwasher safe on the top rack. Note: Remember to wash your feeders to promote the continued health of your birds.

From birthdays to stocking stuffers, Hummer Rings make incredible gifts no matter the occasion. These feeders inspire a love for nature in children and are a treasure for bird lovers of all ages. Comes in 3 bright colors. Try them today!