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Spice It Up™ Floribunda Rose

Spice It Up™ Floribunda Rose

Rosa 'JACspisee' 'JACspisee'

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Rose, pink, salmon, and coral combine on every petal of this stunning double-flowered floribunda. A free-blooming rose that delights the nose as much as the eye, Spice It Up™ earns its name with a pleasing fruity fragrance and big, many-petaled double blooms held in huge clusters. What a boon for garden and vase!

The offspring of 'Victorian Spice,' this floribunda offers 4-inch blooms in warm shades, their petals opening slowly to release the scent. Quite long-lasting, the flowers open gradually in clusters, so there are usually unopened buds, blown blooms, and perfectly fresh flowers present all at once. Such a natural look for indoor arrangements, and it keeps the shrub colorful for many weeks in the sunny garden.

Spice It Up™ reaches 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide, with good branching and a bushy, upright form. The flower clusters are held on long stems, and may repeat if cut or deadheaded promptly. Like most roses, this floribunda loves plenty of sun, enriched and well-drained soil, and protection from strong winds. That's about all you need for gorgeous flowers that begin in late spring and continue well into summer! Zones 4-8.