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Weigela Spilled Wine®

Weigela Spilled Wine®

Weigela florida 'Bokraspiwi' 23,781

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This hardy shrub has rich, purple leaves and bright pink flowers that will last until fall. It prefers soil that is well-drained and plenty of sunshine. Since it only grows from 2 to 3 foot high, it is the perfect shrub to for the back of flower beds. It will stand up tall as a focal point or as a colorful border. Spilled Wine® is also ideal for pathways, since it loves to spread as it grows. Starting in spring, it bursts into exotic blooms and will keep blooming until the first frost. Unlike a lot of shrubs that have fading foliage with summer's heat, Spilled Wine® just intensifies its purple hue until it is almost a shiny black. It is also a great shrub in a container. This beautiful shrub is hearty in Zones 4-8.