Weigela Spilled Wine®

The blooms are heaviest in spring, but they continue all summer and into fall!

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This smart little shrub looks like an exotic special, but actually it's easy to grow, very dependable, and super long-blooming! The handsome deep purple foliage serves as a delightful appetizer for the main course, beautiful, pink-magenta flowers!

Spilled Wine® keeps its purple leaves from spring through fall, not "going green" in summer heat like some others will do. In fact, strong sunlight intensifies the dark purple hues, so that by mid-August the foliage nearly looks black! Wow!

Just 2 to 3 feet high and wide, Spilled Wine® greets spring with fresh, glossy violet leaves and bright pink-magenta blooms by the dozen. The flowers are heaviest in late spring, but continue to come intermittently all summer and fall.

Irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds, Spilled Wine® has a slightly spreading habit, sometimes wider than its height. This makes it a great choice along pathways, for the front of the border or foundation, or in other mass-planting sites. And it's petite enough to show off in a container all by itself, too! Just give it plenty of sunshine and well-drained soil, pamper it the first season so that it finds its feet, and let it go!

Spilled Wine® is long-blooming, colorful in leaf as well as flower, compact, and very easy to grow. Find a special place for it in your landscape this season, and enjoy its ever-increasing beauty for years to come. Zones 4-8.