Spirea Yeti™

Spirea Yeti™

Spiraea japonica 'Conspiyet' PP# 28,999

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You will fall in love with the densely packed, white flower clusters on top of this compact deciduous shrub. The showy flowers are packed tight on top of bunches on green foliage. This self cleaning, repeat bloomer will naturally maintain its tidy appearance all season long. it will need a light trim in the fall to promote rebloom but other than that you can just sit back and watch it shine. You will not be the only one head over heels for its flowers, butterflies love them too and will flock to your landscape to get a taste. The small mounding habit is perfect for your borders or planting in mass in the landscape.

Native Spiraeas of Europe were well known as the source of white flowered wreaths worn by country brides in spring weddings! Give your garden a little bit of romance and a lot of love by adding the low maintenance and stunning Spirea Yeti™.