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Spring Wonder Bulb Mix (pack of 15)

Spring Wonder Bulb Mix (pack of 15)

The Perfect Pair to Welcome Spring!

Pack of 15
Item # 25888-PK-15

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The combination of snowy white and deep rosy pink is irrresistible, and this duo sports it for several weeks in mid-spring! Blooming at the same time and reaching the same height, Spring Wonder combines Daffodil Thalia with Tulip Don Quichotte. The result is pure beauty!

Both of these bulbs reach 18 to 20 inches high in flower, with long-lasting blooms that look as good in the vase as on the plant. Thalia is a cluster-flowered Daffodil, with recurved (bent back) petals of fresh, clean white. Don Quichotte, on the other hand, is a Triumph Tulip with the classic upturned petals and chalice shape. Suffused with rich dark pink to rose tones, it almost glows in the early-season sun!

In this collection you get 7 bulbs of Daffodil Thalia and 8 of Tulip Don Quichotte. That's just right for a big accent planting, giving you enough to have a fine garden show while slipping a few indoors for the vase, too!

These bulbs should be spaced 8 to 10 inches apart for dense coverage. Both the Tulip and the Daffodil love sun, and appreciate a good deep planting, especially at the warmer end of their hardiness range. Cold stimulates the blooms!

Great in the border, bed, along the driveway, in a meadow, and on street islands, Spring Wonder Bulb Mix brightens up any area of the garden or room in your home. The pleasing colors will keep you in a positive mood! Zones 3-8.